Canmore, AB

Kelly VanderBeek professionally threw herself down mountains at speeds over 145km/h. Today, this Olympian & World Cup Medallist makes her living as a sports broadcaster, content producer, and photographer.

Calgary, AB

Jenny is passionate about conserving the diversity of scenes and wildlife in front of the camera as well as the advocating for equity and diversity behind the camera.

Charlottetown, PE

Glen has always had the desire to create. Whether it is as a professional musician, painter, or photographer, he is always looking for way to express the beauty around him.

Edmonton, AB

Approaching photography like a treasure hunter, Renée’s compositions are uniquely cinematic, often becoming pieces of a bigger world represented beyond reality.

Vancouver, BC

Craig was continually inspired by the light and stylings from the Hollywood studios in creating their dynamic imagery.

North Vancouver, BC

Kathryn, a relative newcomer to photography, enjoys taking photos of everything other than anything with eyes! Kathryn is loving her photographic journey and the incredible people she is meeting along the way.

St. John's, NL

Curtis’ approach to creative and commercial work gravitates toward clean, thoughtful compositions that are grounded in strong storytelling principles and connection.

Kelowna, BC

Mike is an Okanagan based photographer who is passionate about producing photographs that have emotional impact on the viewer.

Edmonton, AB

Railene’s inspiration is drawn from the people she photographs and the beautiful stories she is able to freeze in time through her lens.

Toronto, ON / Los Angeles CA

At the age of 13 Rosalind came upon the gallery of Yousuf Karsh while window-shopping in Toronto’s Yorkville neighborhood. She stared into the displays for a long time, admiring the exquisite portraiture.