Calgary, AB

Inspired by light and shadow, Sean creates bold, candid, sensitive, and dramatic imagery.

Cochrane, AB

Jo-Anne’s photographic journey has opened her eyes to the beauty of the nature that surrounds her. When wildlife allows you to be part of their natural world, it is truly a gift.

Grande Prairie AB

As fewer and fewer staff photojournalist positions exist in Canada, Jesse recognizes he is part of a rare group in Canada.

Westmount QC

When visiting exotic destinations and cultures, Ron focuses on capturing a candid moment that tells an emotional and visual story.

Vancouver, BC

Lillian merges digital elements with traditional photography to create unique works of art. She shoots, styles, and edits projects in Canada, EU and USA.

St. John's, NL

Michael has been photographing his home province of Newfoundland & Labrador for years and has captured its majestic beauty like no other.

Gravenhurst ON

Terry’s creative process involves being receptively reflective and contemplative to that which is being mirrored to him in the present moment.

Burnaby, BC

Manpreet has a fascination with light – appreciating it in nature and controlling it in the studio.

Hendricks has a long list of accomplishments, awards, degrees and designations to his name – including the Yousuf Karsh Lifetime Achievement Award for Photographic Excellence.

Laval, QC

Ara’s unique style is distinguishable by his use of heavy colours, dramatic flair and a painterly effect working in tandem to evoke the feeling of the captured moment.