Commerical Photographer

“Triple Master of WPPI” photographer, Christian Lalonde, specializes in commercial photography (food, magazine editorials, lifestyle, architecture, advertising). His flair for composition and eye for colour make his services in very high demand, and contribute to over 50 national and international awards.


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Wedding Photographer

Excerpt text hereWe are Erika and Lanny. Our adventures in wedding photography began on a mountain summit during our very first date. That’s when we discovered our mutual passion for adventure and each other. That’s where our fascination with light and love was born.


Anna Beaudry has participated in WPC both as a member of Team Canada in 2019 and as an International Judge in 2020. She believes the value of competition lies in the personal growth each photographer endures as they strive to excel.

Portrait Photographer

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Conceptual Artist

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Photographic Consultant

I have been active within the photography association on boards as well as judging at provincial, national and international levels. It was a great privilege to be appointed as Canada’s first judge to the inaugural World Photographic Cup in 2014