Michelle Valberg has focused her camera on people, wildlife and landscapes with the intention of transforming simple beauty into a deeper reflection of humanity.

Prince George, BC

Bio Susie Crichton, of Prince George, B.C. was born in South America and came to Canada at four years of age. She is drawn to contemporary art and enjoys pairing it with portraits to create works of art. Susie is an adventurous spirit and besides photography she enjoys travel, spicy food, & great coffee. “The…

West Kelowna, BC

Nikki specializes in fine art portraiture of women and children, as well as compositing and fantasy photographic digital art.

Calgary, AB

Bio Dave has been the photographer at the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary working with Canada’s best Olympic and Paralympic athletes. He has followed Canadian athletes through their careers from the gym floor to the spectacles of world championships and Olympic and Paralympic Games.” “Being asked to submit a photo and have it do well was…

Moncton, NB

Bio As a child Amanda used to sit for hours studying the behaviour of cats in a feral colony and help the Barn Swallows that had fallen from their nests. She also played around with her Mother’s camera but never became obsessed with photography until her twenties. Eventually Amanda’s love of animals led her to…

Grande Prairie, AB

Cassandra about photographs and stories that aim at creating awareness and uniting people around the world to work toward global understanding and equality for all.

Dead Man's Flats, AB

Kristian’s passion for visual storytelling takes him from shooting the Olympics and extreme sports, to fashion, nature, commercial projects and expeditions across the globe.

Whistler, BC

Paul Wright creates images that connect us to each other, and to our environment. Portrait and editorial components blend together to create his style.

Burton, NB

Victoria West is a fine art and portrait photographer. She’s built a strong reputation and business in Oromocto, NB, by creating portraits for people who hate being photographed (just like her).

Cochrane, AB

Jacquie Matechuk embraces the challenge of capturing the unpredictable. From her love of adrenaline pumping sports to her passion for wildlife and the environments they call home.